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The economy is not in as good of shape as it could be. That’s one reason so many people are searching for a network marketing home business opportunity; they need more money to make ends meet. There are many questions about the legitimacy of network marketing and whether it’s a viable source of income.

Network Marketing – Legitimacy Of This Source Of Income

Before discussing the benefits of joining a network marketing home business opportunity, it’s important to clear the air. Many people have a negative impression of such businesses, and that’s understandable. There are always a few bad network marketing companies trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting, but these are, thankfully, rare. However, it would be best if you stayed alert to make sure you are making an excellent choice.

Network marketing is about growing your business and sharing it with other people looking for a similar opportunity. Yes, you need to show other people the home business if you want to make the most of it. If you aren’t willing to show it to others, you are removing the network portion of the business. There’s nothing wrong with that but look into other forms of business that are a better fit for your personality.

Any opportunity requires action before things happen. Network marketing usually has low costs to get started, and this can be good or bad. It’s bad when the low investment causes someone not to take it seriously and not treat it like a proper business. The low entry cost is a good thing for anybody on a limited budget but would like to start a business of their own. 

It is important to look closely at any network marketing home business opportunity before buying into it. You need to make sure that it is a legitimate business, but there are a few other things you need to consider. 

How long has the company been in business? What business support do they offer? Do they divide people up into territories, or is it open? What do the sales materials look like? What products or services are sold? How is the compensation plan set up? These are just a few of the questions you need to have answered before choosing an opportunity.

After you find an opportunity that’s a good fit for you, it’s time to get busy! There will be a lot to do, but your success will be determined largely by how strong a start you get off to. Go over any information sent to you by the network marketing company, and then go over it again. 

The more you understand it, the better. If you were recruited by somebody else, get together with them and find out what to do next. If they are new in the opportunity, they should still be able to introduce to somebody with more experience in the network marketing home business opportunity.

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The Network Marketing High Income Formula

Network Marketing rewards its leaders handsomely. The leaders are the ones who will hold conference calls, offer their homes for meetings, or become corporate trainers. Leaders help and teach others how to be successful (regardless if they are downline, crossline, or in another opportunity).  

Want to be a mega-earner in network marketing? You’ll need these three qualities: Leadership, Innovation, and Commitment.

Leaders will always have a home in this industry because every company CEO and top producer wants a leader in their organization.

Network Marketing rewards innovators handsomely. I remember when Dale Maloney (a leader in this industry for over 20 years) scared up a few dollars to buy a mailing list, some stamps, envelopes, and paper to send out sales letters to recruit others into his opportunity. I was in the second wave of people to receive a letter written by Dale. Until then, no one thought of using direct mail to build an organization.

I remember the first national ads in USA Today’s newspaper, the first toll-free recorded information lines, mailing audio tapes (even before Dead Doctors Don’t Lie), email marketing, and flash presentation lead capture websites. The innovators who used these marketing breakthroughs made small fortunes.

The next innovation is just waiting to be brought to the market. History has shown that if you are innovative, you will be richly rewarded.

Network Marketing rewards commitment handsomely. If you plan on giving up after hearing no twice, or if you feel you’re done recruiting after you get your first couple of people in (like the average person), then quit now.  

The average person in this industry does not make money they lose money.  

Why? They are not committed to being successful. They are not willing to do whatever it takes. And being committed to doing whatever it takes is what is necessary to be successful in this industry.

There is no such thing as “Fast Money” in network marketing. Have you heard any of these? “No cold calling.” “No selling.” “Work a couple hours a week..” “Retire in two to three years.” All Lies!

Lifetime residual income is not built over a few months. It takes years to build a retirement income. Hard work. Polished selling skills. Consistency. Persistence. It would be best if you were committed to these basic values to achieve success.

So pick your poison, or embrace all three. The qualities of leadership, innovation, and commitment are paramount to your success in network marketing and life.

An Overview of Network Marketing

The term network marketing has two different meanings. It is a synonym for multi-level marketing and is often by mistake considered the same as a pyramid scheme.

The idea of “network marketing” is often used to describe a marketing concept that emphasizes the inter-connectivity of market players and transactions and can be observed as applying systems thinking to market.

According to the network marketing premise, other marketing schemes see the discipline as constant dyadic relationships such as one buyer and one seller. Network marketing tries to rise above this constraint by looking at transactions and relationships from all those concerned.

This outlook started industrial marketing, also called B2B marketing, where multiple contact points are distinctive. It is not rare to have several decision-makers in a company’s “purchasing centre.” Likewise, the marketer can be planned into a “selling team.”

With multiple players on each side of the transaction, a complicated network is created. This paradigm is further intricate by resultant players like information gatekeepers, influencers, business promoters, advertisers, and intermediaries. This network can expand over time as more people get engaged.

The network-marketing phenomenon considers marketing as a structure of social networks where the associations between links must be tacit, simultaneously counting potential feedback loops; the system must be realized as a whole.

Instead of using the regular distribution course that moves from manufacturer to warehouser to wholesaler to retailer to end customer, Network Marketing companies use a network of self-governing marketers to pass the products directly from the manufacturer to the end customer.

The self-governing marketers bring in a percentage of the profit in each sale they make. While it’s possible and highly recommended to make an income by selling to end customers directly, the real clout of Network Marketing is that you may build a layer of other independent marketers below you and make a percentage of their combined sales.

There is a limited amount of time for a person can spend working. By having sub-layers working with a marketer, he can multiply that time. Imagine having sub-layers of 100 people putting their effort and only an hour a day in five days a week. In one month, 20,000 hours of work would be done. It would take one person ten years to produce the same amount of work.

Network Marketing Video - Stay In Contact With Your Downlink

One of the biggest problems with building a big downline in a network marketing company is training. Some companies still tell you to make a list of 100 people in your ‘warm’ market. They tell you to include your butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. But that’s ineffective and a complete waste of time at worst. Instead, embrace all the internet offers and use network marketing videos to find and teach prospects about what your company offers.

Suppose your network marketing company has a website that you can use as a recruiting tool. You can make videos to drive traffic to that site. A wonderful site will also have an auto-responder built-in.

This way, you can capture the names and email addresses of those people coming to your site. When they are opt-in, they permit you to send emails to them, so no spam complaints. It’s all very legal and very profitable.

You can then follow up with them, and you’ll have a much better chance of illustrating just what your company offers, why they should join, and what you can do to help them succeed.

Once they’ve signed up to your downline, you can use videos to teach them the skills to succeed. You will cut your attrition rate down considerably if you can get your downline making money fast.

It doesn’t have to be much money, but it needs to be enough to believe that it will work for them. Teaching them how to make money using video is a great new tool available to you; use it.

Don’t get too hung up on the idea of making videos. You don’t have to be the next Spielberg to make video marketing work for you. As long as your videos are clear, easy to understand, and follow, you will get excellent results.

When making your videos stay away from trying to get too fancy or flashy. That cannot be very clear and become a turn-off. Just use graphics to illustrate what you are talking about in the video.

Make sure that when you talk, you talk slowly and clearly. Don’t stammer and stutter; another turn-off. Write out an outline before you start so you will cover all the major points and forget nothing.

Overcoming the major obstacle of building a big downline in any network marketing business means teaching your downline how to succeed. Making an informative video is a great way to do that. Make the video once, and you can teach them with little to no additional effort.

Network marketing is a great idea. You can get rich by leveraging the work of an entire downline. The problem is that you build that downline.

Fortunately, advances online have made that easier too. By using network marketing video to recruit and train your downline, you are automating much of the process so you can be off doing something else while your recruits are learning how to succeed too.

Innovant Digital Marketeer Social Nets SEO Networking Best Wireless Access Point Smarketing B2B Prospecting

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Innovant Digital Marketeer Social Nets SEO Networking Best Wireless Access Point Smarketing B2B Prospecting

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