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E-Marketing Focus Strategy iMailing Target Media Online Professional Networking International Marketing iMails Smartermail Strategies to Increase Sales

Email marketing is an extremely efficient and effective method of increasing your sales and customer base. Still, as with so many other marketing tools, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can cause more harm than good. Never forget that you are marketing to other companies and not individuals, so your messages need to be tailored to your actual audience. When your company is trying to establish a business-to-business email marketing strategy, your approach has significant differences than if you were working on a business-to-consumer campaign.  


Business To Business Email Marketing

Here are a few of the major points you need to consider to create a more effective and profitable email marketing campaign:

  • 1. Keep it simple. If you were to meet with a prospect in person, you would ensure that your pitch was straight to the point. When sending B2B emails, you want to achieve the same no-nonsense tone. Their time is valuable, and you want to prove to them that you appreciate that fact by getting right down to business in your email, just as you would if you were talking to them in person. 
  • 2. Don’t forget the “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) approach to your email messages.  Make sure that you clearly articulate what advantages your company can provide to their company and why it just makes sense for them to do business with you. Structure your email message in such as way as to set yourself apart from the competition.  
  • 3. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their business. If you don’t have a clear call to action such as ‘click here now, for example, they may do nothing. It’s one of the most common mistakes marketers make; they don’t ask the prospect to take action or ask for the sale. Don’t make this mistake. 
  • 4. To optimize the effectiveness of your email campaign, make sure you take the time to learn more about your prospect’s business and what you can do to help them.  This information can prove extremely helpful when you are composing your email message. By adding specific points to your email that would only apply to their particular business, you are letting them know that you’ve taken the time to learn about their company and their needs which will help you build trust with them. 
  • 5. Remember, this business has its marketing campaigns, and they are familiar with all the tricks.  Don’t try too hard to ‘sell’ them. Keep your message short and on point, and follow up with a firm and clear call to action. 
  • 6. Track your results.  You want to keep track of open rates and an increase in sales and customers. You need to know which campaigns work and which ones didn’t. This information will allow you to tweak the ones that work, reuse them, and start from scratch on some less effective campaigns. 

Email marketing can be a tremendous benefit to any business building strategy. Take the time to research your market before you implement your business-to-business email marketing plan. This added step will allow you to make more money and increase your customer base for a tiny investment.

Email Campaign Manager Will Keep You On Track

In finding a good email campaign manager, you can hire an outside firm to oversee your email marketing efforts or get someone from your company. The option you choose will depend on your budget, needs, and the desired results…. but mostly your budget.  

Whichever method you choose for having someone manage your campaign, the steps needed to establish an effective campaign will be the same.  

Here is a list of some things you need to consider when putting together your email marketing campaign:

  • 1. First things first, what do you hope to accomplish with this campaign? What outcomes do you need to achieve to consider the campaign a success? This may sound like a dumb question, but if you don’t have a simple idea of your goal, you don’t know the best way to structure your campaign. 

For example, is your goal to get more customers into your store or to your website? Or is your goal to provide your existing customers with some customer appreciation perk? Identify the goal of your campaign so that you can structure your email messages accordingly. 

  • 2. Carefully consider what you are going to put in the ‘subject line.  This is an important element, and a good subject line can be the difference between your email being read or sent to the spam folder. Your subject should be short and to the point and intriguing, and pique your reader’s curiosity.  

When you create your email, make sure that the opening is personal. Use the name of the individual you are emailing, which can easily be done with certain automated methods. 

  • 3. Remember that most people receive dozens of emails daily and don’t have time to read them all.  If they open your email, that is a big step. To get them to read the entire message, keep your email short and sweet. Focus your message on your customer and their needs and wants, not on you or your company. People will only skim the email message in most cases, so only put in the important points. Don’t make your message too long, or your customer will lose interest and stop reading. 
  • 4. Don’t get too fancy with font styles and graphics.  Remember, there are many computers and all ages of monitors out there. If you get too high-tech, some of your customers may not read it. Different font styles can also be difficult to read sometimes. Just keep your message short, professional yet friendly, and to the point. 
  • 5. And of course, if you have the budget and you don’t have time to do it yourself, you could always hire a professional to organize your email campaigns for you.  This will be the best option since they are experienced and can make sure your messages are written effectively to maximize your open rate and your desired results. 

For setting up an effective email marketing campaign, remember a few simple things to keep in mind. If you can hire a professional email campaign manager, then by all means, so do. If not, don’t let that keep you from setting up your campaign so you can benefit from the enormous potential of email marketing.

Email Video Marketing - Personal And Super Valuable

There are many ways you can use email video marketing to enhance your business. By building an email list, you can build rapport with the people on your list by teaching them some skills that will help them. Once you do that, you can make the occasional recommendation for a product or service that will benefit them, and they will be likely to buy.

Using video is an easy way to increase your response rate. People online are rather short of time and attention span. A good video will help grab their attention and hold on to it. Make a series of excellent quality, short (3 -5 minutes) videos to help them with some problem or issue. You can gain their trust and respect, and they will stay on your list for a lot longer and even buy things from you occasionally.

Make sure that your videos are easy to understand. Don’t use a lot of jargon or big words; that isn’t how to establish yourself as an expert. It will most likely just annoy people, and they will stop watching.

Instead, make sure that if you use jargon, you explain what it means. Use these videos to educate people and not just as one long sales pitch. Use emotion to create a sense of urgency so they will buy from you.

Take this example, and if you are selling a diet aid, you can make a short video that explains why your diet aid is better than the others. Instead of making it boring and filled with many technical drug names, explain that your diet aid will help them look great at the beach this summer. Or that your diet aid will allow them to get the tight hot abs they’ve always wanted.

Use emotional words that conjure up a positive mental picture. It’s ok to mention the facts but don’t get too caught up in the technical side of things. Always include plenty of ’emotion’ words. Emotion makes people make the purchase, and logic will give them a reason to justify it.

When making your video, don’t worry about making it perfect or think you have to have a flashy presentation. The less you have going on, the better. The video portion should only compliment the audio. Please keep it simple. You want people to focus on your message and not just on some flashy graphics.

Do make sure that you speak slowly and clearly when you record your audio. If it helps, make a script to follow so you won’t forget to cover any important points. Don’t sound overly professional; just be yourself. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should stammer or stutter, but you can act as though you’re talking to your friends. Keep it casual and easy.

Use email video marketing to provide all the people on your email list with so much valuable and helpful information that they’d never consider hitting the ‘unsubscribe button. Give them what they need, and they’ll return the favor by buying the products you recommend. Using video makes the process better.

Email Marketing Strategy For Today's Markets

One of the first things you need to do to implement an email marketing strategy for your online business is to have a list of double opt-in subscribers to send your emails. Using double opt-in means that anyone on your list has clicked a link in an email they received from you, verifying that they want to get emails from you. This protects you from spam complaints. 

If this sounds like way too much work, don’t worry, there are fully automated systems that will do it all on autopilot. These systems are called autoresponders, and there are several companies online that offer this service for a small monthly fee. 

The basic concept works like this:

  • 1. You pick an autoresponder service and sign up. Once signed up, you can create a web form (very easy to do, just a few clicks of a mouse. This too is automated). Once you’ve made the web form, it is placed on your website. 
  • 2. When someone goes to your website, they will see the web form and, hopefully, opt into your email list. This will trigger the autoresponder to send out emails in the order you’ve set up. Everyone on your list will get one email after another in order as soon as they are opt-in. 

Now, for some specifics. How do you get people to sign up for your emails? The most effective way to do this is to entice them to sign up by offering them something of value if they sign up. 

Remember, “value” is a relative term. It doesn’t have to cost you anything, but it will have value to your website visitor. Something like a free report on some topic related to the niche your website is about will usually be enough. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you take the time to build a large email list and take the time to build rapport with the people on your list, it’s like money in the bank. 

Treat them right, and that list can make you money with the push of a button for years to come. But just what do you have to do to treat them right? It’s more about what you don’t do than what you do. 

For example, even though they’ve opted into your email list and agreed that they would receive emails from you, that doesn’t mean they want you to send them one sales pitch after another. 

Send them quality information to help them achieve their goals, and they will learn to trust you. Then, when you occasionally send out some pitch about a product or service that you think they might benefit from, they will be much more likely to buy the product, and you can earn a commission.

The best email marketing strategy is to treat the people on your list like valuable and highly appreciated customers. Give them something of value, and they will reward you. It’s a win /win.

E-Marketing Focus Strategy iMailing Target Media Online Professional Networking International Marketing iMails Smartermail Strategies to Increase Sales

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E-Marketing Focus Strategy iMailing Target Media Online Professional Networking International Marketing iMails Smartermail Strategies to Increase Sales

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