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Best Time to Post on Facebook For Likes

When was the best time to post on Facebook? There are too many theories floating around the Internet. One school of thought holds that it is best not to post until after seven in the morning. Another says it’s best to post as often as possible, especially when the weather is warm. Several pros and cons will be discussed for each theory.

The best time to post on Facebook for likes is definitely Friday evening. The best times to post on Facebook for sales or traffic are Tuesday evening and Wednesday night. This is the general rule coming from several studies. Let’s take a closer look at these periods. Friday evening has consistently ranked as the worst time to post to Facebook.

Why does Friday evening always rank as the worst time to schedule a post? Friday evening falls in a time zone that is considered the off-peak times on Facebook.

Facebook typically experiences larger gains during the evening, which means that it is prime for audience acquisition. The Friday time zone is prime for audience migration, which gives marketers an easier time reaching their target audience.

The problem is that Friday evening falls in the mid-afternoon time zone, which is considered the peak time for social media traffic. So when should marketers consider changing their posting schedules to the Friday time zone? The answer is relatively simple: Friday afternoon is dead.

It is unlikely that anyone will be visiting Facebook at this time, so changing your posting schedule to the dead zone will yield very few benefits. Does this mean that Friday and the weekend are bad days to schedule posts? No, it does not mean that they are the only days that work.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are also great days for promoting a brand. The key is knowing which days to produce the best results and scheduling posts accordingly.

For example, posts about sales, promotions, or discounts often gain the most traction on Wednesdays. Marketing professionals know that Wednesdays, the second day of the week, are the best to push their messages to the audience.

This same principle also applies to television advertising. Most people prefer to spend their time on television during the day, so there is no better time than the evening to schedule commercials. In fact, it would be a terrible idea to schedule a commercial at the wrong time.

Each of these times is advantageous to the marketer, though some times are more effective than others. When planning Facebook ads, marketers who take this into account will find that scheduling everyday posts significantly increases their chances of running successful ads.

When should a marketer schedule their ads? The best time to post on Facebook for likes is before the content is ready. It is not advisable to start posting content and then wait for comments to finish up before replying to anyone.

This delays your ability to promote your brand while causing your competitors to jump in before you have a chance to respond. If you are going to schedule a post, make sure to schedule one well before the writing and posting.

What about the rest of the week? Every week has its own best time to post on Facebook for likes. Wednesdays, Mondays, and Fridays seem to be the best times of the week as they are the odd days when everyone is free, and many people are away from their homes.

Weekends are also a good time to promote your brand because many more people are at their homes during the weekend than on any other day of the week.

Best Time to Post on Facebook For Likes

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Best Time to Post on Facebook For Likes

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